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Extension & Color Services in Iowa

–––––––––––– extensions

With proper care and maintenance, all luxury hair can last 8-12 months.

Starting at $2300

18-24 inch wefts take your long, thick hair from meh to mermaid



Ideal for adding more than 1 inch to your existing hair length


Starting at $1000

Pump up the volume without adding additional length


How do I know what kind of extensions I need?


Full, thick hair is totally possible

You’ll need move ups or rebeads after 8-10 weeks. This is typically a 1-3 hour appointment.



Initial Install:
4-5 hours

Two Rows



Initial Install:
2+ hours

One Row


Extensions are the perfect way to achieve the length or volume of hair you’ve only dreamed of, but never experienced.

You don’t have to live with thin, limp hair.

TAKE this QUIZ to help you answer your questions and make an informed decision!

Know you want extensions but not totally sure they’re right for you?

You’ll pay a downpayment, we’ll schedule your appointment, and you’ll come in for the installation. Then the big reveal – you’ve got the full, beautiful hair you’ve always wanted! 



I’ll check in with you about whether you’ve had extensions before and whether you fully understand and agree to the time and money that go into installing and maintaining high-quality extensions. 



This is when I match your extensions to your existing color to make sure you get a flawless, natural look once they are installed.

Color Match


We’ll chat about your hair goals and expectations, as well as the monetary and time investments required to get (and maintain!) quality extensions.



how it works

–––––––––––– color services

The classic blonding service for anyone who hates seeing dark roots

Partial $140
Full $200
Micro/baby lights $150/hour

Requires maintenance every 8-10 weeks


Shifts, neutralizes, or refreshes your color

$40  |  Lasts 8-10 shampoos

Toner Glaze

Highlighting technique that allows for low maintenance, long-lasting beautiful hair color

Partial $225
Full $300

Requires maintenance every 8-12 weeks and is perfect for blondes and brunettes who want a “lived in” look without visiting the salon every 4-6 weeks


Adds contrast to color you’re achieving.
*Lowlight dimension is an add-on service to full color services.


Lowlight Dimension

Coloring of regrowth to ends

$200  |  Requires maintenance every 8-10 weeks

All Over Color

Gray coverage includes first inch of hair from scalp

$125  |  Requires maintenance every 4-8 weeks

Root Touch-Up

What color service is right for you?

Expert color for shiny, shampoo-commercial-worthy hair


Before and after pics are the best way to truly appreciate your new look and inspire your confidence!



Once we’re on the same page about what you want, I’ll get to work! This is when you just relax, lay back, and enjoy a little pampering. You should expect your color appointment to take between 1.5-3 hours depending on the service.



Inspiration photos are great, but I’m going to create a look just for you based on your hair and what fits your lifestyle.



Let’s see where your color is now and talk about the end results you’d like to see.



how it works

– Julie H

"Sarah truly does amazing work. She always listens to my ideas, but customizes them to what works best for me and is better than I envisioned. It's always a nice treat to unwind, be pampered, and leave with gorgeous hair!"

I can’t wait to help you fall in love with your hair!

I welcome women into my chair, serve up a chill, relaxing environment, work my hair magic, and send them out of the salon feeling empowered.

A good hair day is a powerful thing, my friend.

Excellent results start with excellent training. I studied hard in school and followed up my education by training under one of the top stylists in Cedar Rapids. I keep myself on top of the latest trends, topics, and information, so you know you’re always getting the best.

I’m an expert extension stylist and colorist, serving up confidence-boosting looks for women in Cedar Rapids.

I'm Sarah!

Hey, how’s it going? 

I am very picky about the hair that goes on your head. I want to get you the best hair I can and ensure you are investing in something that lasts as long as possible. The hair I order lasts 8-12 months if taken care of properly. By the end, yes it is ready to be changed out.

When a poor quality weft is installed on your head, it won't be more than a few weeks before they are dingy, worn, dry and brittle. I ensure the hair I use is always top quality that will look just as shiny, colored and soft during your move-up, as they look on the first install.

How long will my hair last?


Let me start by saying, yes you most likely will hear different prices around town. Some that seem cheaper than others. But what I can assure you is, my prices have their reasoning.

Having the right color and the right hair in your head will make a world of difference. I am happy to provide my clients with outstanding extensions. And yes, it’s an investment. But one you won’t regret making do it right the first time so you don’t have to pay double!

Getting extensions is a luxury service. But I will add, it’s worth it. I can promise you that you will get great hair, and a comfortable wear. My clients thank me time and time again for the way they feel with their new locks.

See above for extensions and color service pricing.

How much will this cost me?


I share the top trends on my Instagram account to not only show off my clients' flawless makeovers, but to give YOU inspiration for your dream hair.

Follow me on Instagram to stay up to date on the top cut and color trends!

What are the trendy hair cuts and colors?


Girl, when I say extensions are the best decision ever, I mean it. The joy these bring my clients are so rewarding for me. The smiles, the happy tears, the confidence. It is everything. Who is next?!

Will this look good on me?


Good hair doesn’t have to be a dream. My super power is making hair feel alive again! I am certified in numerous methods to ensure that the right one is used on your unique hair type. That way, absolutely, I can give you the hair you've been dreaming about.

Can you give me the hair of my dreams?


If you want longer or fuller hair than you currently have, extensions can be for you!! One row is great if you are wanting to create just fullness and volume with just a little bit or no added length. Two rows can make a world of difference with your fullness and length, especially if you have hair that doesn't like to grow.

Click here to see if extensions are right for you! Then we can schedule your consult. I would love to walk you through a situation/solution that will work best for you and your lifestyle!

Am I a candidate for extensions?


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