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sarah jupin

I can’t wait to bring your hair dreams to life

I worked hard as a student and have invested in the best training on the market, so when it was time to build my own business, I knew I was prepared. 

Now, my clients love how welcome they feel when they sit down in my chair. They enjoy my witty banter, but they keep coming back because of my ability to really listen, understand what a client wants, and then deliver impressive results.

Having a good hair day can turn your whole day around – and my clients wake up to a good hair day every day.

My passion in life is helping women feel confident and empowered. And I live my dream every day, using my skills to give women the full, vibrant hair they’ve always wanted. 

 – the extension and color pro you’ve been looking for

I’m Sarah

Hey, what’s up?!

You want the best. I’ve got the certifications you can trust

– Ginny U

“Sarah helped me get my hair to a stage that is just amazing, and I feel great about it. I appreciate all the positivity and help in getting it fixed.”

that leave you feeling confident & empowered?

Ready for endless good hair days

Hair color and extensions aren’t a one-time thing. Depending on the look you go with, you’ll need regular maintenance to keep your locks in tip-top shape!

I make sure you understand exactly how much maintenance is required before ever applying color or extensions. No surprises here!

And now we maintain your look!


Once I understand what you want and you understand the process, we’ll get an appointment on the books. 

For hair extension services, this requires a down payment before we begin. 

Coloring service appointments generally begin immediately following the consult.

Then it’s time to book


Whether you’re looking for coloring services or extensions, we’re gonna sit down and chat about all the details first. 

I’ll ask questions about what you want and are expecting, while explaining the process, investment, and maintenance required for your specific hair.

We'll start with a consult


How do we get started?

sarah, I need you!

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